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04/22/10 - In Celebration of Earth Day, Global Village School Launches Unique Homeschool Curriculum Based on The Earth Charter

09/09/09 - Good Karma PR presents The Los Angeles Premiere of Loose Change 9/11: An American Coup

05/11/09 - Good Karma PR presents CIA Mind Control: From Darkness Into Light featuring Roseanne Barr, Cathy O'Brien, Mark Phillips, etc.
Media Coverage: The Stephanie Miller Show on Air America and Coast To Coast AM

01/07/09 - Roseanne Barr to Host Show on KPFK 90.7FM
Media Coverage - The Los Angeles Times and Punchline Magazine

09/15/08 -
One Night Only: David Icke in Los Angeles

09/11/08 - New Doc Takes a Look at the 9/11 Truth Movement
Media Coverage - IndyMedia UK and

05/27/08 - Giant Chicken To Visit Nancy Pelosi In Washington, DC
Media Coverage - The Huffington Post and Talk Radio News Service

05/05/08 - Good Karma PR presents the California Chemtrail Convergence in Los Angeles
Media Coverage -
KPFK Radio's Healthy Planet Healthy Me and Digital Village

03/06/08 - New Film Says “Washington, You’re Fired!”
Media Coverage - Interview by Bree Walker on KTLK 1150AM and

02/08/08 - Good Karma PR presents Architects, Engineers & Scientists Examine The Evidence of 9/11
Media Coverage - and The Financial Times of London

08/17/07 - Good Karma PR presents 9/11 Hero William Rodriguez and Ed Asner in Los Angeles
Media Coverage - C-SPAN, 911Blogger and KCET TV of So. California.

07/20/07 - Science & Politics of 9/11 Conference in Madison Wisconsin
Media Coverage -
IndyMedia Center Winnipeg

07/04/07 - Good Karma PR presents Soldiers & Families Speak On Human Cost of War
Media Coverage - Common Ills Blogosphere and Ventura County Star

02/28/07 - Doc That Reveals Inside Job on 9/11 Set to Premiere at...

12/10/06 - Good Karma PR Humanitarian Award of 2006

Media Coverage -
911 Blogger

11/02/06 - What Do Cher and Michael Jackson Have in Common?

Media Coverage - Los Angeles Daily News

10/03/06 - Filmmaker Wants Americans to Wake Up
Media Coverage - TV Guide's 4 Star Review of Freedom to Fascism

09/28/06 - Gold Star Mother Raises Funds to Help Soldiers Cope
Media Coverage - Veterans For America

08/08/06 - New Book Challenges Media Over 9/11 Coverage
Media Coverage - Fox News & Guerilla News Network's Review of Towers of Deception

03/09/06 - John Trudell to Speak After Screening of Film TRUDELL

02/13/06 - Gulf War Veteran Announces Candidacy for City Council

- Government Credibility Falls, Calls For New Investigation

12/05/05 - Millionaire Accuses Bush Admininstration of 9/11


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